Bus Bars for Wind Turbines



The bus bars system is made of two three-phases assemblies. One assembly is used for the rotor and the other one is used for the stator. A grounding bar is also attached to each assembly.

Each assembly is made of three tubular conductors of 3 inches outside diameter. The conductors are covered by an insulation tubing rated 600 V giving a full protection against electrical shock. In addition, the bus bars conductors are enclosed by a formed grounded expanded metal sheet.

The conductors are made of high conductivity aluminum alloy.

To hold the electrical conductors, aluminum clamps are used. Between clamps and conductors, fiberglass rings are installed to protect the insulation tubing. The clamps are specifically designed to withstand a momentary short-circuit of 120 kA Peak and a short-time short-circuit of 46 kA for 1 second.