Photovoltaic (PV)

STACE is a leader in providing quality photovoltaic modules to power utilities and businesses.



STACE PV series can reach up to 370 maximum power rating and 19.2% module efficiency. Panels’ 45 mm thick frame
was designed to resist Canadian specific weather conditions (snow, wind, etc.),
and IP67 junction box is included for better climate endurance.

  • Available in standard or bifacial technology for a better efficiency.
  • 25 years linear output warranty
  • Manufactured in Canada

Our PV solar modules can be used for multiple applications such as:

  • Carport
  • Rechargeable terminals for electric cars
  • Architectural panels
  • Roof top solutions
  • In combination with STACE Power Cube

Additional information

Cell Type


Number of Cells

Up to 72

Maximum Power (Pmax)

370 Wp

Maximum Open circuit voltage (Voc)

48.1 V

Maximum Short circuit current (Isc)

9.91 A

Module efficiency

19.2 %