Blade Switch



Stace’s blade switches can be used in power plants or industrial applications, inside switchgear compartments or custom-designed cabinets. These switches are designed for high-current applications and provide quick and easy circuit isolation.

The switches can be mounted in various positions in non-segregated, segregated or isolated phase configurations, inside aluminum or steel enclosures. Single or three phase switches are available.

The switches have been designed and tested to withstand high short-circuit forces in a non-segregated arrangement, with a reduced phase spacing. In addition, the switches have been tested to withstand 6,000 operations between maintenance activities.

An arc chute mechanism can be mounted on the side of the switch to break transformer magnetizing current. A grounding switch can also be added to the blade switch.

The blades, contact fingers and stationary contacts are made of silver-plated copper. The frame and enclosure are made of aluminum or steel. High-strength insulators are available in epoxy or porcelain materials.

  • Voltage: 1 to 38 KV
  • Current: 500 to 7000 A